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Inquiry Learning @ Graceville State School

HASS (Humantities and Social Sciences) and Science

The Australian Curriculum outlines the content to be taught at each level in HASS and Science.  At Graceville, these Key Learning Areas are structured according to Kath Murdoch's principles of inquiry and learning.  Inquiries are driven by planned understanding goals which enhance the students' curiosity and their understanding of the way the world works. Each inquiry pathway follows students to investigate a concept that connects across a number of learning areas; and within a year level the pathway to understanding may look slightly different depending on the students' interest and current knowledge-base. Some examples of concepts investigated are sustainability, forces and gravity, rules and decision-making, identity and cycles of life. In each inquiry there is a strong focus on either an area of Science and/or HASS.
Students are actively involved in wondering, questioning, investigating, clarifying, synthesising and articulating ideas and responding to their learning so they learn to participate responsibly and effectively in society.
Graceville State School also endeavours to prepare students for lifelong learning in the 21st Century, where jobs that will exist in the future have not been created yet.  Teaching and Learning in HASS and Science is focused on content AND process - meaning that students learn "the WHAT" alongside "the HOW". Our "Learning Assets" contain sets of skills and dispositions that ask students how they can be effective: Self-Managers, Collaborators, Thinkers, Researchers and Communicators.  
(©Kath Murdoch 2015)
The Graceville Student Learning Ambassador program is an integral part of what makes the school so special. The voluntary program consists of year 4-6 students who seek to strengthen and enhance their Learning Assets and gain a better understanding of the associated dispositions through workshops provided by school and community members at various times within the school term. Ambassadors in the program actively participate in special days, information events, school visits and other events as requested by the school and administration team. They develop their communication and management skills by meeting and helping visitors to the school; and provide students and parents with information about how we learn "The Graceville Way".