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Classroom Music
All students at Graceville State School have music lessons with a specialist music teacher.  Students in Prep have two 30 minute lessons each week.  This provides them with the opportunity to develop their singing and speaking voice and an understanding of the musical comparatives through a wide variety of songs and rhymes as well as games and small group or partner activities.  During music lessons students are encouraged to participate in activities which also assist with confidence building, social skills, fine and gross motor skills, listening skills and creativity. 
Students in years 1 – 6 attend a 30 minute lesson each week.   During these lessons they continue to build on their knowledge and understanding of music and performance skills through listening, responding, performing, creating and composing individually and collaboratively.
At Graceville SS we have a Junior Choir for students in years 2 – 3 and a Senior Choir for students in years 4 – 6.  The choirs are conducted by specialist music teachers who are experienced conductors.   Our philosophy is that every student has musical aptitude and should be provided with the opportunity to further develop their musicianship and enjoyment of singing, therefore the choirs are open to all interested students and there is no audition process.  We support the school and wider community with one or both of our choirs singing at a number of events, celebrations and commemorations including Harmony Day, NAIDOC week, the school fete, assemblies and an annual evening concert, as well as other community events we are invited to perform at throughout the year.  Regular updates on our music program and performances are provided through our weekly newsletter articles. 
Singing in a choir also provides an opportunity for children to develop self-confidence, friendships and an improved feeling of wellbeing.  Through participating in different events, students can develop a deeper understanding of and connectedness to our community.
Instrumental Music
At Graceville State School, weekly tuition is provided by specialist instrumental music teachers on a range of musical instruments. Students do not need not have any prior musical experience to apply for a place and the skills and musical literacy required to be successful will be taught while participating in the program.  Our string program is open to students in year 3 with some places also offered in year 4, for the violin, viola, cello and double bass.  Students in year 4 are eligible for a place in the band program which includes woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.  These instruments include the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone and percussion.  This can lead to further specialisation in years 4/5/6 with the French Horn, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, tuba and euphonium.  Students in the instrumental program also attend an orchestra or band rehearsal each week and perform at events throughout the year.  Every student in the program also participates in a 2 day workshop, which involves specialist tutors working with small groups of students alternated with full ensemble rehearsals, providing an opportunity for them to further develop their skills and musicianship.  The workshop culminates with a concert at the school. 
Engagement in the instrumental program provides students with skills and experiences which can develop their musicianship, artistic awareness, creativity and sensitivity as well as their confidence.  These skills, experiences and enrichment can continue throughout and beyond their schooling.
Further information about the music program can be provided by contacting the school.